Milwaukee School of Engineering - Academic Dean Dr. David Howell of Milwaukee School of Engineering develops and manages academics for the World Affairs Seminar.  He may be contacted at

Check out "WASRAG" the Rotary Water Newsletter:




Carroll University:  Go directly to the Carroll University site to learn more about the academic setting for the World Affairs Seminar.

Rotary District 6270 - Rotary District 6270 sponsors the World Affairs Seminar and keeps it alive through financial support, providing board members and volunteers and by advocating for WAS at the Zone and International levels.

Rotary International - Rotary supports WAS by its very existence.  Thanks to call of the clubs that make up Rotary International WAS has a rich and diverse group of student delegates as well as internationally renowned speakers. 

WasRag - the Rotary International Water program:
WAS on Facebook:  Join the WAS Facebook group for the Seminar year group you attended.

WAS on Linkedin:  This site is for parents and sponsors.  It provides a forum for asking questions and learning details about the conference.

Pulitzer Center Blog  Pulitzer Center blog relating to the 2010 World Affairs Seminar on the Global Fresh Water Challenge.

The Pulitzer Center instruction on video blogging - Highlights from Peter Sawyer's 2010 workshop on video blogging. - A site created by some WAS graduates after the 2010 Seminar.   This site demonstrates the initiative, commitment and creativity displayed by many WAS participants.

Gregg Wandsneider- Gregg has been a long-time partner and volunteer at World Affairs Seminar, dedicating his time and resources to documenting the experiences that students are having. With his skills in journalism, he has written a inspiring article from this past 2014 seminar.