Sponsor a Delegate today!


The World Affairs Seminar is again offering two major promotions to encourage strong participation.  Those who are timely will be rewarded with a $50.00 discount.  Those who sponsor four or more attendee's will receive a $50.00/student delegate reduction in fees.  If you are both quick and generous take the entire $100.00 off your sponsors' fee! 

$50.00 Early Bird Discount for applications and fees received by February 28, 2016

$50.00/Student Delegate Group Discount for organizations sending 4 or more students. Contact us to download a promotional PowerPoint to share with your club or organization!

Consider Donating to Sponsor a Delegate!

Contributions such as yours have already helped hundreds of future leaders become inspired and learn more about world issues. If considering a donation, click below for a donation form and send all donations to the World Affairs Seminar office listed on the form. Thank you!

Click here to Donate to World Affairs Seminar!

Sponsorship is Easy

Give partial or full scholarships
Like most things in life, the more you put into your sponsorship, the more your club or organization will take away. Consider paying for some or all of a student’s tuition to the World Affairs Seminar. Let this act as a stepping stone to a relationship with the youth in your community. Invite them to meetings before and after the Seminar so that they can see what your organization does, and you will be able to see how the World Affairs Seminar changes lives from the participant themselves.

Co-sponsor with another service organization
One lesson that is learned while at the World Affairs Seminar is that we must all work together to make this world a better place. We practice this creed in every aspect of our program, including with sponsorship. In large cities where there are multiple Rotary or Lions clubs, for example, many will pull together and collectively send students. In other communities, the local Rotary and Lions clubs will together sponsor students. There is no limit as to what we can do working together.

Ask Students to give a Presentation
Most clubs already require that the participant give a presentation to their club upon return from the World Affairs Seminar. This presentation gives the participant the chance to share their experiences, and allows the organization to get an idea of what their sponsorship went towards. As an organization committed to youth and their community, you may also consider working with participants on community projects. Consider your sponsorship a beginning of a partnership with your organization and the youth in your community.

Who Sponsors Student Delegates?

Parents, Grandparents and Students  Many families who are able share in the cost of tuition, or even cover the full amount.  All discounts available to clubs and organizations are available to "self pay" students.

Schools and School Districts  If you are unsure about sponsorship, approach your school guidance counselor.  Often schools have funds for special offerings such as the World Affairs Seminar.

Rotary Clubs are the biggest World Affairs Seminar sponsor in both number of clubs and number of students sponsored. Over 960 Rotary clubs have sent over 2,000 students since 1995; Sterling Heights, MI Rotary and Effingham, IL Rotary have sent over 100 students; Rotary clubs from all 50 states, the Caribbean, Canada, and Africa

Lions Clubs from all over the U.S. and Canada have always been avid supporters of the World Affairs Seminar. Over 300 Lions clubs have sponsored over 1,500 students since 1995.

Kiwanis, Optimist
25 Optimist clubs and 127 Kiwanis clubs have sponsored over 600 students since 1995. 

Small organizations
Over 130 Women’s groups, AFS and other student exchange programs, American Legions and American Legion Auxiliaries, and other smaller organizations, clubs, and businesses have helped sponsor over 300 students from all over the world since 1995.