"It is one of the best experiences I had in high school -- I had so much fun meeting so many wonderful young people my age with so much interest and potential and I learned so much about our globe that I been ignorant of before. I felt so inspired after leaving the Seminar."
-Alida from Juneau, AK

“No where else are you going to hear firsthand how the rest of the Asian community feels about their neighbor North Korea, sit down and talk to someone from Rio D about what’s really going on, and hear the story of one of the few survivors of the Holocaust. All in one event. It’s amazing.” 
-Matthew from St. Croix, Virgin Islands

“It is an awesome experience that’ll really help round you. I mean you meet people from about everywhere. People of all different backgrounds, ideas, and personalities. It’s so much fun. You have got to go!!” 
-Nathanael from New Hampton, IA

“The dance helped bring together all the delegates to bond through gyrations and grooves, while afterwards gathering in the dorm square to reminisce, chat and exchange info was priceless. I felt like I really got to know my fellow floor mates and peers when FLOOR 5 spent the entire night up, buying pizza, chatting, goofing around, and just enjoying each other’s company. This was something I will always cherish and remember fondly upon.” 
-Kendrick from Cranbury, NJ

“Guys, it is the best.” 
-Enzo from Mottola, Italy 

"Dear World Affairs Seminar,
As an AFS student I had the opportunity to attend the WAS in 1996.  Nearly 15 years later, I want to thank you all for the very interesting days we've all spent there!